3 Reasons Why you shouldn’t write on Medium

Alex Monaco
Mar 23, 2018 · 2 min read

“Hey, Is it worth to write on Medium?” — one of my friends asked me. This is what I told him: Don’t write AT ALL! If you will create something, readers may ridicule your point of view — don’t risk! You may not be understood! And why ask such questions? You don’t know these people, so don’t worry about them… Seriously! Think: after all, there is no guarantee that you will be noticed and clapped at, so DON’T RISK IT! In life, you need to engage only in what guarantee success. Instead, switch the TV on. The TV is a very reliable entertainment, which means that it’s worth to confide in. It can never cheat on you. Without legs, TV won’t run away from you like your girlfriend! With girls you shouldn’t risk either. Relationships sometimes don’t work so don’t even start! Better devote your time to the most trusted friend — internet! Instead of being a creator, be a consumer and your life will become muuuch easier!

So here’s 3 reasons why you shouldn’t write:

  1. There is no guarantee that you will earn $ from writing on medium or other platform.
  2. There’s already thousands of TV series that need to be watched.
  3. It’s not worth to be a creator. Better to be a consumer — it’s fashionable.

But I’ll write. For myself with my blue pen. With mistakes and no… I will write I will write I will write. I do not know what will happen, but I’ll write. That’s life: you either live and give or you don’t live!!!


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