5 the best heartbreaking doc. and bio. movies of all times!

Now I will give you wonderful links to movies that will leave deep traces in Your soul! Oh yes, documentary and biographic movies that I will offer will be much more useful than “50 shades of grey” …

1. A Brave Heart: The Lizzie Velasquez Story (2015)

This movie tells us about the girl who once saw a YouTube page titled “The World’s Ugliest Woman.” She clicked on it and in video recognized herself. After she read and hundreds of vicious comments had been written. The anonymous taunting intensified, leading her to film her own videos, dedicated to acceptance.

It is very POWERFUL biographic movie and every person who thinks that he has external limitations, has to watch it. Why is the main character of this movie is so inspiring for me? Because of his strength!!! That person has done more good jobs than all Mis World ladies putting together.

2. Home-less (2014)

This is a story about the style of life of a photographer who lives in a street of New York. He doesn’t pay rent — he sleeps on the roof. The main character reminds me myself a little bit. I have never slept in a street, but I was linving in a rotten house in UK. My bedroom (and the kitchen and the wc, all in one) was so minimalistic and I had to put my mattress upright to the wall at day. This movie is very frank and outspoken. The main character — a photographer tells about his life… This movie is a big kick to the ass for the people who are sitting in a village and only dreaming about life in a big city where they could do what they are dreaming of. The hero of the movie shows us — You can do everything!

Don’t be affraid to be strange, be affraid not to live!!!

3. Fixing Dad

People often feel dissatisfaction about their relatives. For example “father drinks a lot, talks nonsenses …” This movie shows two guys who decided to take care about their father. They changed their complaints into the project “fix the father”.

It is a very good example how we should take care about people who are near us!

4. Too ugly for love

A movie about excessive reaction to external side of a body … Dear reader, I hope that this movie will help You understand that all those thoughts about Your external side are only creations of fantasy… It’s sad, but I have found this movie with not the best quality of it: www.bddfoundation.org/too-ugly-for-love

5. ANLIFERS: Portrait of an Alternative Lifestyle

This movie is perfect for those who want to change their lifestyle. It is about life in “moving house”. I am sure that You have been thinking about such style of life at least once, so You will understand if it suits You or not after watching this movie …

IMPORTANT: If You have Your favourite movie, share with me. Don’t be selfish and share information! :)