Viral Marketing for Peanuts

One of the most effective way to promote a product is through word of mouth. Lately, word of mouth AND viral marketing have become one and the same. In the past, marketers would struggle to create content that customers would willingly share. As a result, the current trend has become to create sharable experiences that customers AND brands create together. The trick is to create unique experiences that add value.

Here are two great examples:

  1. The peanuts movie: About a month ago I visited the movie theater and saw a small commotion of people taking pictures, laughing and generally having fun at an unknown object. Once I got closer I noticed that people were enjoying themselves while using a prop object that made it seem as if they were going to the movie theater with the characters from Peanuts. Without thinking about marketing I took the opportunity to do the same. The resulting picture was widely shared within my own social network. This allowed the Peanuts movie to gain brand awareness while I gained some brownie points for a cool pic.
  1. Straightouttacompton Meme: At the current time (Aug 15, 2015), there’s no more popular meme or hashtag than #straightouttacompton. The movie received extensive PR coverage and extensive promotions as people widely started sharing AND adopting the memo for themselves.

The lesson here is that people will share your brand, product or service when they CAN make themselves apart of it.

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