Shut the F*% and build your brand

How did Thug Kitchen routed brand conventions and created success?

“Warning the following post most definitely will have some cursing”

Most corporate brands are usually staid, predictable and neutral. My favorite marketing professor always said “A brand is a promise of predictability”. As a result many brands develop predictable voices, that build familiarity but also try to be everything for everyone. However, at the end of the day we know that is impossible. This is fine and dandy but in a marketplace where the average customer is bombarded by advertisements from all directions is hard to differentiate.

This post encourages to F***CK the rules and do what’s best for your brand…

Enter Thug Kitchen

Thug Kitchen, initially a blog and now a very succesful book and company built a huge customer base on the following two premises:

1. Be simple

2. Be irreverent

Simplicity: Many brands believe in being obtuse and mysterious. If you are in the web and delivering food recipes, this definitely could be an issue. Thug Kitchen focuses on having the most simple language that gets to the point and helps people achieve their goals.

Irreverence: The main point of differentiation is Thug Kitchen’s willingness to curse and be irreverent in a word of strait laced competitors.The company’s motto “Eat like you give a Fo*k” is not only sassy, but its directness and lack of political correctness makes it very appealing. The fact that it is funny also makes it more shareable. As a result, more than 670K like this company on facebook. Their video promoting their newest book, has more than 1.4 million views!!!!

Conclusion: Breaking the rules of branding is a perfect way of differentiating yourself as a brand or company!

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