You can tell the author doesn’t really want anyone to click the links that “prove” Milo attacks…
Adrian Shepard

Thank goodness someone put us liberals in our place.

How could anyone think Milo was a misogynist with articles titled “Birth Control Makes Women Unattractive and Crazy” and statements in Dear Fag Hags: I Want a Divorce that “lesbians bore me” and can still fit in poetic verses such as “ Park it, sweetheart. We’ve each had more black schlong in us than the Kardashian family.”

Milo’s words are angelic verses of culture, maturity and a celebration of diversity. How could anyone think the man who used the Pulse Nightclub shooting as an excuse to bash an entire religion had a bigoted bone in his body?

Thank you we can all go back in the closet and shout up now :P

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