My favorite iOS apps of 2015

In this short post I want to share four of my favorite apps I used this year. I’m working as a product designer for a company that creates and builds productivity software (Todoist). Next to Todoist, these are the apps I liked and used the most:

  1. Marvel: This prototyping and collaboration tool is excellent. I use Marvel on the web and iOS almost daily to create and communicate my designs for every platform (iOS, Android, Web, Desktop). The Dropbox and Sketch integrations are killer.
  2. Outlook: When Microsoft announced in the end of October this year to no longer update Sunrise Calendar and integrate its features into Outlook for iOS I decided to make a switch and tried it. The integration of Sunrise hasn’t nearly finished yet. I use the app until today because its simple design and features like the “Focused” inbox.
  3. Sketch Mirror: This app lets you preview your designs from Sketch. It’s essential for me to see prototypes live and iterate directly on what I see on the device.
  4. Pause: Ustwo, the makers of Monument Valley and many other beautiful apps crafted “Pause”. This app lets you relax with its calming sounds and its user interface is incredibly simple. I use it from time to time to take short breaks.

In 2016 I want to write more. So if you’re interested in what I’m up to as a designer at Doist, let’s connect here on Medium, on Twitter and Dribbble.