Don’t Forget How Good You Are…

“Don’t forget how good you are.”

If you’re riddled reckless with anxiety like I am, then I’m sure it’s easy for you to understand how quickly you forget just how good you are. You forget about all of the skillsets that you possess, only to focus on the skills that seem to be missing. You fret over constructive criticism, mulling over every single detail during that meeting at your desk. Each comment or observation said aloud is a blow to your ego, and internally it’s like a blow to your soul. Questions run rampant in your head, because everything feels uncertain. “Here today, gone tomorrow.” You know that there’s somebody even more eager, more deserving, more efficient, more productive than you ready to take your spot.

The world is a cruel place, and your first professional job is her cousin.

But never forget just how good you are.

You have everything you need to succeed, just work a little a smarter, pray a little harder and have patience.

Don’t forget how good you are.