Iphone X, the newest Apple’s phone out.

an image from newdaypost.com

It is impossible you have not heard of it. Since its release, a lot of people wanted to try it out and buy it (despite of its expansive price), especially for its facial recognition, Face ID.

This new Apple’s Iphone was released on November 3rd everywhere in the world.

Iphone X (pronounce “Iphone ten”) is 7.09 by 14.36 centimeters. It is 5.8 inches. We easily recognize it by his notch and this latter have been very much discussing. Some people says it is ugly whereas others think it is something innovative.

Another thing is that Face ID does not work all the time and can be tricked.

Personally, I guess that every errors made by Face ID will improve Face ID because of its system of machine learning (basically, Face ID is learning by its errors).

Thanks to Face ID, we just have to look at our phone to unlock it, we just have to look at it to get to our application payment and so on.

There is also an another new thing which depends on Face ID, Animoji.

Seriously, this stuff is pretty interesting and super funny! A virtual animal reacts on your face movements as you move. It is cool for sending to your friends.

Apple, your newest Iphone is outstanding! And its design… wew! Bravo!