Self-driving cars will only really be safe, when every single car on the road is autonomous, and managed holistically like packets in a distributed network
Unsafe At Any Speed
Mike Walsh

A distributed network craps out fairly often. Can you imagine a network of self-driving cars that work like a stuttering YouTube video that suddenly barfs up an error and tells you that you can no longer connect? Can you imagine sitting inside a self-driving car that behaves like a stuttering YouTube video that suddenly vomits up a 404-like error? There are no significant real-world consequences when the Internet fails, other than whiny well-to-do people getting all whiny about not being able to post a tweet or whatever, but the catastrophe of a pack of cars moving at 70+ mph failing in a manner similar to a network outage seems too much to take the author seriously. Self-driving cars will never be safe. The only “safety” offered is some new threshold we all come to some tacit agreement to as a society.

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