FTWW #4: Stone soup, roll call and personalized exercise

To all my intellectually curious friends, here are a few things that I’ve come across that I think you will enjoy immensely. A little bit of something for everyone.

So for those who wonder, here goes.

[LEADERSHIP] The Art of Manliness Podcast interviews Tom Ruby

Thinking Strategically and Leadership Lessons from Ender’s Game With Tom Ruby

So many golden nuggets on leadership from this podcast, especially on the life of John Boyd. I highly recommend giving it a listen!

John Boyd’s Roll Call: Do You Want to Be Someone or Do Something? John Boyd was someone that really challenged the assumptions on how the world worked and why — something that didn’t help him make friends in the military as he rose through the ranks. Read Boyd’s article that really stirred the ranks within the Air Force.

“They can’t say no if you don’t ask.”

“It is amazing what your boss will allow you to do if you ask the question; think it through, gather your justifications and ask — you’ll be surprised by how often you are told to press forward.”

“When your playbook is exhausted, when all else fails, you have to think. God help anyone who has forgotten how.”

More on Tom Ruby here and here.


The Anatomy of Healthcare Startups

The Crowded Food Delivery Startup Market

Should You Check Your Email? Probably not.

[PARENTING] How to Raise an Adult: Break Free of the Overparenting Trap and Prepare Your Kid for Success”

Great article on the state of the parenting landscape, which interests me from a psychological analysis perspective. Follow up with the book by Julie Lythcott-Haims.

[HEALTH] Diet & Exercise

Fantastic video from Michael Mosely on personalized exercise. Michael travels across the UK and acts as a human lab rat for many scientists on the leading edge of exercise research.

After watching the video, it brought me back to the Bulletproof diet, which I highly recommend you all check out (especially how to make Bulletproof coffee).

A few other items that I found interesting late in the week: What Is City Living Doing To Your Brain? &The Economics of Sleep, Part 1: A New Freakonomics Radio Episode.

[PARABLE] Stone soup. How to hustle and make something from nothing.

[TECH] U.S. Technology Funding — What’s Going On? — from Andreessen Horowitz

It’s interesting how the private markets have really taken over the funding landscape for up-and-coming companies. Companies that previously would go public are now staying private longer — generating wealth for only the select few in the inner circle (paywall).

If we try to compare today’s landscape to the 2000s tech bubble, it’s not really an apples to apples comparison because most of the “pricing of risk” is done in the private markets, not allowing it to be realized in the public markets. What does that mean for wealth creation for the rest of us?


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