Polymath and Trustroot Partner on Verification Service for Security Token Offerings

Polymath, the leading security token platform is excited to announce a new partnership with the leading blockchain security protocol, Trustroot (www.trustroot.io).

This partnership will allow companies who launch securities on Polymath’s platform to seamlessly have access to Trustroot security and reputation services. Trustroot will verify issuers, and their escrow services and accounts as they look to have investors contribute funds to their projects.

With the high rate of fraudulent activity happening within the blockchain community, the addition of Trustroot’s verification will provide investors contributing to security token offerings powered by Polymath additional peace of mind while protecting them from phishing attacks, malware, and other advanced cyber threats.

Trevor Koverko, CEO of Polymath, said the partnership with Trustroot will give issuers on Polymath a competitive edge by allowing their investors to contribute with full confidence. “Without a doubt, Trustroot will help our ecosystem grow by providing increased protection to our customers and their investors.”

Commenting on the partnership with Polymath, Shayan Zadeh, CEO of Trustroot, said: “The partnership with Polymath is exciting for us because we recognize their leadership in the security token space and see our technology providing more users safety and security during their interactions with cryptocurrency.”

Polymath is a platform that allows companies to easily create their own securities tokens. The platform serves as an easy-to-use launch pad by helping automate the complex technical functions of a Security Token Offering (STO). Learn more at polymath.network.

Trustroot is a blockchain protocol that protects individuals and businesses from fraud and theft within the cryptocurrency community. The protocol verifies the identity and reputation of the blockchain businesses to help users avoid scams, phishing attacks, and other fraudulent activity. Learn more at www.trustroot.io.