What does TIP Blockchain and Trustroot Partnership mean?

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It means peace of mind.

With the crypto space being littered with scammers and bad actors, verification by leading blockchain security protocol Trustroot (trustroot.io) means users can be at peace knowing Trustroot went through an extensive background check, confirming the company’s legal registration, wallet ownership, and more.

TIP Blockchain (tipblockchain.io) realizes that creating a marketplace for users and merchants to very easily transact in cryptocurrency has the underlying connotation of being safe and secure. This partnership with Trustroot is the first step to creating that safe and worry-free ecosystem for our users.

TIP is proud to be one of Trustroot’s growing partners along with projects like Polymath, mCart, and UTRUST.

TIP Blockchain is enabling everyday use of cryptocurrency by focusing on user experience such as shortening long address into easy to remember usernames. Learn more at tipblockchain.io

Trustroot is a blockchain protocol that protects individuals and businesses from fraud and theft within the cryptocurrency community. The protocol verifies the identity and reputation of blockchain businesses to help users avoid scams, phishing attacks, and other fraudulent activity. Learn more at www.trustroot.io.

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