I’m not a UX Designer, and neither are you

I can see this post is more provocative than informative, but let me say my words anyway.

This post is the biggest shit I`ve ever read. Here`s why:

Possibly, YOU are NOT UX Designer, because you can`t understand what UX Design actually is. That not makes other UX Designers not a UX Designers.

Taking wrong metaphor not even thinking if it`s right or not (which says a lot about your professional skills already) makes you fall in further wrong answers to your questions. UI is not a bicycle, and UX is not a road.

Experience = Feelings. Lets follow your metaphor with bicycle — lets say somehow UX is bicycle. So then you can design diameter of wheels, castor angle for front wheel, suspension, steering, etc. So that UI is a just a color of your bike.

The good bike is that one which turns easily, can accelerate faster with less moves spinning pedals, etc.

So that`s where emotions about bike comes from. Is it easy and enjoyable to ride? Yes? Well done making good bike.

Is it hard to ride this bike, and you struggling more than riding? Fuck you and the bike you`ve made.

That`s it. You CAN design emotions. And who designs emotions IS a UX Designer.

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