Why Donald Trump Might Be Good For America
Alex Sheremet

Morgan. I have highlighted multiple instances of Clinton being malicious and dishonest for the span of her entire adult life. Yet every time I’ve done so, in an attempt to get you to actually THINK about what so many people have been saying for years, you’ve retorted with ‘misogyny’.

Takes money from Wall Street? Misogyny. Serves the interests of Wal-Mart? Misogyny. Ran a racist campaign against the man who’d turn out to be the first black president of the United States? They made her do it! Rewarded corruption at the DNC and pissed off a huge cross-section of her portion of the electorate? Nah, Debbie was just a victim. Hilldawg merely took the bad advice of straight white men, when she really shouldda done her own thang.

By contrast, I give you a 3,000 word counter-narrative that’s actually supported by polls, exit polls, academic work on voting patterns, well-known numbers from previous elections, psychology, metaphors, analogies, and the very words of the voters, themselves, who have explained what they did and why they did it, yet that’s not enough. No. Because there is a vast right-wing misogynistic cabal perpetrating misinformation against her that the rest of us, for some weird reason, have been able to independently verify again and again and again, for it is *all* in her public record.

Look. Hillary sucks. She was bad and untrustworthy 30 years ago. She is still the same now. She pushed a deeply conservative agenda during the 90s. She pushed wars and neoliberalism during the 00s. She is self-absorbed, narcissistic, the vaginal version of Trump, whose key qualification — being a better narcissist than Hillary could ever dream of being — gave him the White House. That’s the lesson of 2016. Period.

Re-read the article. It actually, you know, argues stuff, and supports it with more stuff — none of which you’ve addressed. Instead, you’ve chosen to reduce everything to one thing — in this case, sexism — and feel shocked when the world does not adapt to your conception of reality. You need to see this.

In some ways I wish you were just a troll. But I know you, and I know that so many so-called ‘liberals’ are exactly like you. This is the liberal rot that needs to be excised, for it gave us Trump, just as it gave us Bush and Reagan before them.

This is the last time that I’m addressing you.

Thanks for reading.

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