3 Different Types of LED Cooler Models with Different Characteristics

With the advancement of technology, different types of LED cooling solutions are available. They can be used in different applications for wall wash, downlights, floodlights, low bay, wall packs, bridge lights, etc.

Below are the three popular LED coolers.

eLED coolers

They come with oval appearance designs and an installing holder. Wavy fins available in this model increase the surface area for better heat dissipation.

xLED coolers

They come with holes on their top for locking wires. With wavy fins design, they have the capability to improve cooling area. xLED coolers contains side fins that can be drilled with holes. Their added solid bottom plate improves the performance.

Moreover, IP67 protection design of xLED is waterproof, dustproof, windproof, and sand-proof. You can use xLED anywhere indoors, outdoors and underwater. It can work under all kinds of extreme conditions

SimpoLED coolers

These types of LED Coolers have screw holes. These holes can be drilled on the bottom and side. You can install fan, drivers and other parts on the top of it if required. It is made of AL-6063-T5 material by extrusion.


Before choosing any of the three LED cookers above, determine your main objectives. Make sure why you need it. Once you know your core requirements, you will be able to choose the right products that will be suitable for your business.