Out of laws government — who can stop them?

This story has started in September 2018, when I received an invitation to be a speaker on GiantHealth 2018 event in London:


Being a speaker at MEDICA 2018 as well as many other events, having dozens of publications (which you can check here), I accepted the offer to share my experience with UK citizens and came up with a topic: “A 9-Year Journey to Save your Heart (smart T-shirt)”. As the first step, I submitted VISA application using TSA in my home country, Ukraine. I have been to UK many times, so I didn’t expect any issues may occur on my way. I filled the application and paid for it (not that cheap, right?):

proof of expensive payment

When the application was done, it was only required to show a passport. I thought that most likely they are able to check the rest, using the government’s monitoring system.

Two weeks after, I receive a “good” answer. Here is it:

Small thing to add. I have E2 investment visa in the US. With this visa, I can live in the US up to seven years. Believe me, US government is very precise to details, and they approved after a long process, tons of different documents and numerous personal interviews. 
 For sure, I would prefer to live in London illegally than in US, having all the necessary permissions for my business. Ha??? Furthermore, nobody from the UK embassy asked me to prove my financial situation (after all, they stated it is necessary to have 10 000 pounds for three days, and I have to say it’s a bit too much).

So what’s a conclusion?

  • GiantHealth invests money, creates an event and invites people to grow UK economy. They pay taxes, which are then used to pay salaries to embassy employees.
  • I paid 130$ of embassy fees and about 200 pounds for customs payments to ship HeartIn Fit ECG t-shirts for a test.
  • Potentially, Heartin Inc can create 5–10 working places and pay 100k–500k in taxes next few years in the UK.
  • I was ready to spend 1–2k$ in London (for both accommodation and flight).
  • ALL of this money was LOST just because of stupid review of VISA application — and the person, who did it remains UNKNOWN.
  • ALL the future event organizers that could have invited me as a speaker, all future deals that potentially can grow UK economy are now out of question. I won’t go to UK.

Here are some questions to discuss in comments:

  • Why we pay taxes to those guys? I know how to cause troubles to me and my business by myself, no need to help.
  • Security? Seriously? They approve Russian secret service members without any prior history of visits and fake passports, aiming to kill UK citizens. Should I get lawyers and take them to court? Anyways, there is NO PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY for this case, it’s expensive and will take a lot of time.
  • Why can’t we control them? I gave a negative response in a survey they sent me in the end of November. Who is responsible for ignoring it?
  • When we all are going to agree that business has NO RIGHTS and the government is out of our control?

Please, comment below (feel free to share your own story too) this post and/or share it with journalists, in social networks with hashtag #Out_of_laws_government. The more of us share it, the more chances we have to change something.