Supernatural Getting Biblical

Recently I have been watching Supernatural and the episode I just finished brought in biblical entities when the past few seasons have just been about mythical creatures. This episode started with the introduction of an angel named Castiel, who has a big part in the show. He is super hilarious too because he doesn’t know how things work on Earth so things he does and say may sound stupid, but they are really funny. Sam and Dean point it out to him a lot and he just stares back in confusion. A few minutes later into the episode, a demon, named Crowley shows up who is dubbed “King of the Crossroads” and is later known has the King of Hell, since apparently Lucifer got trapped in a cage and is unable to rule Hell. They refer to God a lot, but he is never shown in this episode, or apparently any other episode ahead as of now. This is one area that had me on edge because I wanted to know who God was in the show and what he could do. At first, I was really surprised because I had no idea they would throw in biblical stuff.

I actually like how they transitioned the show from things like vampires, shape-shifters, and other fictional creatures to biblical and the way they portray it is really well thought out. For example, when one of the angels died, a bright light would shine through their eyes and mouth and you could see a set of wings burned into the ground where they died. When a demon died, there’s this internal spark in their face that has a devil-ish look and they disappear into a cloud of dust. All this attention to detail makes the show that much better, and the way the main characters, Sam and Dean are tied with the angels and demons, especially Castiel, makes you wonder what is going to happen next in the show. Personally this is one of my favorite TV shows, and for those who haven’t seen in before, I encourage you to binge watch it.