In Favor of Residential Parking for Scoot

City Hall SFMTA Public Comment:

Hi, I’m Alex Garcia. I live in Laurel Heights and commute to the Mission.

I wanted to leave commentary in favor of residential street parking for scoot. I’m a recent user of the service and use it for trips where Muni doesn’t have a direct route to my destination.

Commuting to the mission is one of those cases. Using Scoot I can get to work in 15 minutes compared to the best case of around 40 minutes with Muni. I’m still an active user of muni and believe that scoot is just one part of the puzzle in addition to things like the Ford bike share expansion launching next week.

Thanks to the current parking program allowing scoots to park in my neighborhood and the mission I’m able to use Scoot whenever I’m in a rush instead of using ride share or owning a car. These have cost benefits for me and also environmental, congestion, and parking benefits for the city. If I owned a car it would take the same space as four parked scoots in my neighborhood.

As an aside, I lived in Taipei last year for language study and witnessed full scale moped culture working for people of all ages. It was incredible to see and hope SF can do the same.

I urge the city to approve the parking so I can keep using this service.