M-Link and M-Link Express Proposal

Let’s Connect Middletown seeks to revitalize the M-Link service, a route serviced by Middletown Area Transit (MAT). This proposal strives to enhance Middletown’s connection to the wider region by keeping local M-Link service economically sustainable and launching M-Link Express, a modified route that will provide a faster ride to Meriden Rail Station, where in May 2018, the new commuter rail service, CTRail Hartford Line, will pass through going from New Haven, CT to Hartford, CT to Springfield, MA. If the prospect of M-Link Express succeeds, Middletown will be closer than ever for the millions of people who use the North East Corridor rail network. This will allow residents, students, and visitors to more easily access all that the region has to offer in an affordable and sustainable way.

Middletown has all the right ingredients to be a thriving center where business, education, and tourism fuel prosperity for all of the city’s residents. In a prime location right in the center of the state and also between the major hubs of New York City and Boston, Middletown’s Main Street businesses, Wesleyan University, and Middlesex Community College, bring in students, faculty, and visitors, from around the region and world.

This proposal will address how with an M-Link Express and the introduction of CTRail Hartford Line, Middletown can be connected to the wider region while being competitive with driving and fostering an affordable, reliable and sustainable service for the Wesleyan University, Middlesex Community College, and Middletown communities.

Full Proposal Below

Thank you for taking the first step in helping efforts to improve transportation access for everyone in Middletown. Transit equity means that getting places should be affordable, time-efficient, and environmentally sustainable, regardless of a person’s income level or background. Your feedback and continued involvement is essential if improvements are going to happen. We look forward to hearing from you!