“House Memories”

The day she was brought home to me was January 17th, 2003. She was just a tiny baby. I was already 90 but she was just two month. She was a tiny thing. Alan, her father had a very prominent mustache back then. I remember the big black car driving up to me and him taking her out of the back seat. She was wrapped in this huge yellow blanket because of the snow storm. It was cold that day. The girl got bigger and taller. She first walked on the carpet downstairs. The first time she talked she called her Mother, Alpha, because her applesauce fell. A few more days, weeks, months went by as she grew. Her father planted a small little tree outside and named it the Alex tree so it could grow with her. We had people over year after year for the human holidays. I watchedce her little cousins grow too. They used to jump off my stairs and pretend they were flying into the carpet. A few more years went by when Alan left. I didn’t see much of him after that. Alex’s Grandmother, who she calls Mama came into play. Mama was a nice person. She took over the guest room and not long after she came Abuelita came. Abuelita was Alex’s great grandmother. She's almost as old as I am and I’m 102. Alex talked to her abuelita about things like school and read her books as she sat in her wheelchair. But one day as she was walking down my stairs she fell. They had to take her to my friend hospital but she came back alright. Abuelita spends most of her time with me now. A few years later they got a dog, Minty. She’s tiny and loud.