Mi Tierra: Extended Tweet 1

Destinies Manifest by John Jota Leaños: large scale, site-specific projection. Bison running through borders and history of the Americas.

Destinies Manifest was just beginning as I walked into the semi-closed, separated projector room inside the Mi Tierra Exhibit at the Denver Art Museum. The piece is a video, the video is about 4–5 minutes, and I watched the film repeatedly for one hour. Moving around the space a couple of times during viewing; where viewer is in the space, does not seem to make much difference.

The content of the moving imagery and sonic environment will overwhelm the senses and transform the viewer from their physical space into a culturally loaded, hybrid aesthetic, motion imagery - space created by John Jota Leaños.

The imagery, to me, showed the passing of time from an ‘un civilized’ North American Land to a ‘civilized one.’ From natural landscapes to an industrial complex. From Shamanistic rituals and Chosen Leaders to the drudgery of an ‘hyper-advanced’ society with Dictatorship in the blood of its founders.

The sonic atmosphere pulls the viewer into the cultural hybrid motion imagery even more. An ancient drum sound contrasted with the emergence of street sounds, signals and honking of cars.

The story is told with a linear narrative. Beginning, middle, end; and works well within the museum; walking in at any time a viewer may still catch the narrative, the immersion of cultural sounds and imagery converse well with the other pieces in the gallery space, and the noise bleed seem to echo an ever lasting hymn of thought into the museum.

Questions which arose: who would be the native american leaders of our land here in colorado?