Mi Tierra: Extended Tweet 2

Why is home dictated in my mind as an indoor space with superficial materials? A square box with square thoughts, or beautiful sanctuary?

Uprooted by Daniela Edburg took some time to unpack, as the many elements of the large scale installation don’t jump right out at you. As you may find, you can sit on the sofa, and time can slow down as your look around your ‘make shift’ living room inside the museum. A comforting feeling as you look around the space and find familiar elements; drawers containing memorabilia, photos from the events gathering the memorabilia and the common sense of a comfortable living room. Natural landmarks such as tornados, open fields, rocks, grass and roots extend through physical objects into photography, and even into art history with historical references in the imagery. (I noted the Art History findings from a tweet Daniela retweeted.) Even though I can not grasp every element within the piece, or the historical references (and art references) the sense of the multi — dimensionality of the piece brings up thoughts and ideas which are just as tough to unpack as the art piece itself. Renewing a sense of self discovery, and a sense of the connection to a natural world, even within a man-made home.