Mi Tierra: Extended Tweet 3

Sometimes I don’t want to be seen. Other times I want to be the center of attention. Recognizing the waviness of life, and trying to ride.

Ana Teresa’s piece Erasure used a single projector and multiple oil on canvas pieces to design a space which eased the viewer into the different realities and cultural differences across ‘borders.’

The harsh realities of this world are often over whelming and are turned a blind eye too, Ana Teresa skillfully crafts a space to enter, which does not beat around the bush, or push you into it. Her space in Mi Tierra is in-between Gabriel Dawe’s piece in the prow which draws the participants in (Curator Rebecca Hart), and the ‘entrance pieces.’ The space is not an ‘in-between’ space however, and is often occupied by 10–15 visitors watching the video together. The heaviness of the video is then presented with Gabriel’s light piece. This contrast, and skillfulness of Teresa is present in her ability to shed light on dark issues while (not being light-hearted) offering the viewer a place to think.

She paints black, black, black, herself black, the walls stay white, white, white with imagination.