Banners and logo impressions are an important foundation, but content marketing is going to close. To run a successful campaign, you’re going to need both.

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Content Marketing vs Traditional Marketing is a False Dichotomy

In the world of marketing, the conversation is often that of comparing and contrasting the benefits of content marketing vs more traditional marketing channels. I posit that this is absolutely a false dichotomy. In the current marketplace, it is vitally important to utilize both in any campaign.

In my day to day life, I’m a sales representative for a media company, and we have marketing options that fall into both categories. …

Standard accounting practices are designed to benefit the person for whom you are accounting. Make sure you’re operating your freelance business so that person is you.

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Don’t Pay Bills Until They’re Due

Before I explain, I want to be abundantly clear: do make sure you pay your bills when they are due. But you shouldn’t pay them until you have to — and that date is going to be the latest date you are able to pay without incurring a penalty. That penalty can take many forms, but the primary form that they take is a late payment fee or interest.

This should be true for…

The financial media provides a vital service to the everyday investor. If you both listen and ignore it at the same time.

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Why The Financial Press is Important

This isn’t a defense of the importance of a free and independent media, but a quick examination of the important role that the financial media does play for everyday investors like you and me. Assuming you are like me, you don’t have all day to read shareholder reports and the other myriad of filings that publicly traded companies are required by law to provide to shareholders.

Wading through the earnings call of all the stocks in your portfolio…

A strong portfolio is a key to unlocking long-term wealth.

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As we dive into this, I’ll point out up front that I’m not a financial professional, and you shouldn’t make any financial decisions based on what you read here. I am merely telling you the things that I do to give my own portfolio the firmest footing for strong returns as possible.

Understand Why You’re Picking the Stocks You Pick

First and foremost, you need to understand why a stock is in your portfolio in the first place. If you don’t know why a business is a sound spot to put your funds, then they shouldn’t be there…

Every investor looks for different things. Here’s what I consider.

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Before we dive into this, I just want to make it clear that I’m not a financial professional. I do manage my own investments, so these considerations come from my own personal experience.

What is their primary business?

If you don’t at least have a fundamental understanding of the way a company makes their money, then you probably shouldn’t put your money into it. Warren Buffett utilizes this principle and famously doesn’t invest in tech stocks because he doesn’t understand the business. That’s probably a little too extreme, though who am I to argue with one of the most successful investors of all time?


In the midst of the Covid-19 crisis, work and home are colliding in ways that they never have before.

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Everything You Do Impacts Everything Else You Do

If you’re having a problem at home, it will become a problem at work. The reverse is also true. This has never been more true than it is now as more and more of us are calling our couch our office. When there’s a problem at work, it is literally a problem at home, and if there are tensions at home, we have no place to escape from them.

This is true even when we aren’t all working from home. People…

Run your life like you’d run a business and after a while, sleepless nights caused by finances can be a thing of the past.

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First thing I need to say: I am not a financial advisor, and you shouldn’t do anything just because I wrote it. In this article, I’m going to lay out the things that I have done to get my finances under control and no longer a stress in my life. These things worked for and are currently working for me. I can offer no guarantees that they will work for you.

Why You Need a Plan

Money is hard. There’s a…

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The past few weeks have seen a few more requests than normal from people with questions about breaking into audiobook narration and voice over work, so I thought it was about time to put together something of a guide of the common answer I give to most of the questions. A decent amount of this post is going to come from an ebook that I published a few years ago, called A Life in Art, itself a primer on side hustles that can support a creative lifestyle. …

Goal-setting advice will tell you to make sure you have a way to measure your success — but having the wrong metric can quickly lead to discouragement.

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This morning, I stepped on a scale for the first time in a month. I was pleased to discover that my weight was down from where it was a month ago, but I also realized in that moment that I shouldn’t have stepped on the scale. I didn’t need the information. The only information I needed was that I didn’t miss a scheduled workout in January.

And the scale wasn’t going to tell…

Learning the ropes can be easy — once you’ve got a place to start.

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Alright, so you’re interested in learning more about business and finance. Good for you. It’s important for folks from all walks of life to have an understanding not only of how to handle their finances, but how successful businesses operate. However, if you’re an artist (like me), diving into the world of money and business is not always easy. There are terms and shorthands, and general concepts that unless you took business classes in school, no one ever taught you.

Never fear. There are podcasts for everything and everyone, and what follows is a list of my five favorite podcasts…

Alex S. Freeman

Freelance writer, actor, director, and audiobook narrator, Alex has spent the last decade building a life in art. Currently, he’s writing a poker novel.

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