I’m a Millennial, therefore I Enjoy Change

According to a well-documented survey “45% of employees plan to stay with their employer for less than two years” and “By the age of 35, 25 percent of workers have held five jobs or more.”

And this is exactly not the kind of article that you are going to read today.

Not even about the Ten Ways to Successfully Target Millennials through Smart Recruitment and Retention Campaigns? That kind of strategy when you engage with their fiancé(e) to make them think they are being taken out for a romantic lunch but they end up having an informal and pleasant discussion with an HR lady? Or when you empower them to join you for a job interview driving a bike (because it’s good for the environment!), which is branded with your company logo?

Not even that.

What about some really intelligent marketing ideas? Focused on how much these guys love buying hi-tech stuff, taking selfies, spending money…I mean investing in gadgets, IoT, AI and VR. Make sure you will include some serious research and percentages to support your statements.

Sorry if I misled your expectations. ENJOY is the keyword in the title.

OK, do it your way. Just make sure it has an impact.

I’m thinking about something educational or, at least, informative….

Make them buy stuff or get employed somewhere. Sure you can do it.

I surely can. Pretty sure that is not the ultimate purpose of my writing.

This may not be the kind of dialogue you would engage in if you were at the beginning of your career.

Recently graduated and thankful for what you get, whatever that may be, you assume starting low but fair, lacking the intimate conviction that something not necessarily bigger but definitely higher is waiting for you just around the corner.

And then comes the day when you become aware. If the company you work for has its value this is due to the people that make it exist and, eventually, evolve. No, this is neither a corporate nor a generation slogan. It’s what you are as individual and what you bring in as personal and professional value that makes the business grow.

Do you speak about targets and KPIs or rather about achievements and team dynamics? Maybe about both? How much do you enjoy doing it? To what extent do you feel that you belong?

At certain moments or out of certain reasons you may decide to quit. Eager to search a new adventure or travel to some distant landscape, you leave behind people and places, the eyes wide open towards a highly promising future, embracing the unknown smiles of a group of perfect strangers and pumping your heart with colourful illusions. You travel, speak all the languages of the world, meet different folks and feel inspired by brand new experiences.

At this point you may realize that although you have created a new reality, somewhere along the way you have failed. You may have arrived in the most inspiring city and yet, at the end of the day, you feel a void inside. You question the steps you have taken and find out there is no one to blame. Not even yourself. And then you speak. You utter the most difficult words and allow yourself to say that time has come for a new quest.

Feel free to do so and reinvent your common reality or maybe enrich it with new perspectives.

I’ve heard too many times that it takes a lot of strength to leave what is familiar.

I think it is more a question of power than of strength.

Beyond fear, the power to say the words out loud.

Beyond false loyalties, the power to switch environments in order to be happy with those people that require and appreciate our presence.

Beyond breakthrough technology, the power to train and be mentored but also to remember. Even the power to return, if needed.

But mostly and above all, the power to start from scratch, open new doors and, focusing on the value we bring in both business and in other people’s lives, start the day with a smile.

Is that what you meant by impact?

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