The goose-cackle grinds to a halt as soon as I open the window.
Ice. Breath, Cool quietness and calm.
No more goose-noise now.
In my ears the traffic (constant hum).
My eyes softened by candles and incense on the air.
Into my place and time I welcome you.
Make it yours.

To you is goose cackle cold air incense light
To you is quietness.
To you is silence and is singing.
Pleased to be with you — can I surpass comfort?
The person I seek…

Rovers you and I — together?
Nomads tenting side by side
In common friendship.
Citizens of an other place.
“Move with me now” we say to each other.
“Come let’s go.”
A black night fiercely pretends outside the window.
But it’s full of you
And we laugh.

13 February 1994

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