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This is ridiculous.

You’re assuming a lot here. This has nothing to do with strength. This has nothing to do with bravery. This has everything to do with a corrupt and misogynistic justice system that doesn’t prioritize rape, and the social culture that allows it to continue into perpetuity.

Stay with me.

You want to know why victims don’t report their attackers, Adeline? Okay. Let’s get into it.

How about the 400,000 rape kits that go untested. They sit in a municipal locker. Eventually, they’re thrown out, and with them, any chance of justice or redemption for the victim. Do you see how that may be discouraging? There is strong empirical evidence that can get your attacker indicted, and it’s sitting in a locker. Rotting. What are the victims supposed to do? Ask politely to have the kit tested? Until this is fixed, victims will be reluctant to come forward.

Maybe victims didn’t report the incident because it feels futile. Because they’re vulnerable and hurt. Because their realty has been violently dismantled and now their life is defined by a brutal dichotomy: before rape and after rape.

Because they needlessly underwent the deepest, most damaging form of humiliation one can go through. Their morale is crushed. Sense of worth, diminished.

Because they can’t trust anyone. After all, they trusted their friend/coworker/relative/stranger and look where that got them. Did you think about that? Can you see how it may be hard to trust people after you’ve been raped?

You want to really know why victims don’t report their attackers? Here it is:

People don’t believe rape victims. This comedian, Kurt Metzger, doesn’t believe a rape victim. The comedian’s friend, has been accused of rape, and he walks among us. You don’t think these women went to the police? Look at how Kurt reacted. Do you think other people may have reacted that way?

The fact that people don’t believe rape victim’s is the reason why we’re having this discussion.

Not convinced? Need proof? Here ya go:

“They would applaud you for getting such a dangerous person held accountable for their heinous actions.”

Will they? Or will they move your case to the back-burner, allowing the assailant to roam free, unchecked.

The system is broken. Unless you’re dead or in a coma, we do not prioritize sexual assault.

“They would applaud you.”? You poor sheltered child. Judging off the statistics above, I’d say this is a more likely scenario:

“She was asking for it.” 
“She shouldn’t have been dressed like that.” 
“She shouldn’t have gotten so drunk”
“Well, she was a slut”

Rape is serious. Stop treating it like a badge of honor. It’s not honorable. It’s horrible. It’s something that no one should have to suffer through. Every woman and man who has suffered through sexual assault is brave. They are all strong, regardless of whether or not they choose to report the incident. There is no hierarchy of rape victims.

Nikki Black, does not pretend women aren’t strong. She does not insinuate. She does not imply. She knows. She knows better than you. This author is stronger than you’ll ever be. She’s advocating against rape culture in the face of adversity. That’s a sentence I should never have to write. She’s risked being ridiculed, mocked, disparaged because she stood up for a rape victim.

What are you doing? How are you helping?