You face me when you have nothing left
You fear what you don’t seem to know or understand
Realize that it lurks within all of us
Both sides of a coin, you flip and it spins eternally
Manifesting bi-forms as sure as the sun rises
Its rising enough to trigger the energy within

Being of leather green, not so sheen, you can’t preen
Anomaly in beauty; trapped in nature’s colors
Evolving in metal, fur and whiskers
The only thorn is that flower garden
It speaks colors, shapes and fragments of the universe’s mind

For the love of ancestry that we came from the liquid depths of its own making
Forced into skin as red as the sun
An emotion, manifesting through physical protrusions, from my seat of consciousness.
Unwilling to know how to make it work
Born from rage, made from the earth’s grainy crust

We are two in the same vein
Different but linked through our psychic semblance
All in all the darkness unites us
In an unbreakable bond as old as time dictates.