The only one, hidden in plain sight

Lost in the frame, blended in time

To think of me, the hardest task, to find

Lost in the waves, of life’s effectual haze.

I wandered for quite a while, trying to find what was lost

To discover that nothing was, but a certain someone

Risking your life, your heart, your mind; knowing that no one sees it all.

Who sees me? who really sees me?

The man at the gate or the boy who wants a play date?

Who knows me? Who really knows me?

Those with whom I relate? or those who hate?

The mystery of identity is that one has to discover

That you define you but not are defined by others.

The one we love does not really love us

The one we trust does not really trust us.

For the longest of times, I was lost in the mire

Searching for the spark that would bring light from the darkness

Reckless abandon, let yourself go

No one will know, you were never really known.