Top 5 Tips On How To Overcome 1st Time Periscope Nerves

If you’re reading this then i’m guessing you already know what Periscope is (Twitter’s Live-streaming app that has rapidly caused a wave of change in the social media world).

Let’s say you’ve been on the app for a week now, checking out different broadcasts, figuring out how the heck to give hearts, and seeing what content is out there already. You’re now ready to go live but not sure what to expect. So you wait… and wait some more… thinking that time will fix everything.

Sorry to say, it won’t.

The only way to figure it out is to jump right in and DO IT!

Press that red “live” button and start sharing your life with the world in real-time!

“I’m kind of nervous that i’ll mess up.”

“What if no one views my broadcast?”

“What if people do view my broadcast and I don’t know what to say or how to act?!”

These are questions I constantly receive. In response, I created a Periscope broadcast addressing these fears by giving my ‘Good Vibe Tribe’ Periscope family my top 5 tips on how to overcome first time Periscope broadcasting nerves.

I received an amazing response from this broadcast so I decided to take the info and share it on YouTube so more people can gain the confidence to start broadcasting on Periscope!

I edited the video down to just my 5 tips, since the broadcast ended up being an hour long.

If you find these tips valuable, I encourage you to follow me on Periscope (Username @AlexaRoseCarlin). I host a Morning Motivation broadcast Monday through Friday at 8am EST along with broadcasts throughout the day featuring topics on success, entrepreneurship, spirituality, confidence, and health.

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