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A disaster that might be Tweeted about. Photo by sippakorn yamkasikorn on Unsplash.

If I describe Beyoncé’s Met Gala dress as a “hurricane”, does Hurricane Beyoncé become a thing?

Not interested in cleaning data and just want to learn about the varying levels of data cleaning and how this affects BERT? Skip to Part 2.


In this article, we use the Disaster Tweets…

Volcanoes are some pretty crazy disasters. I wonder if someone has ever described a rap song as a “volcano” though… Photo by Yosh Ginsu on Unsplash.

By the end of this article, you should be able to get a top 50 score (84% accuracy) on the NLP Disaster Tweets Kaggle Competition!

Untangling our results like this pile of laundry. Photo by engin akyurt on Unsplash.

The Goals

Before we dive into understanding the output of our caption generation and out final deployed website, we should remind ourselves of the goals we set out at the start of this project.

We aimed to measure the similarity of machine-predicted captions to actual captions provided by doctors.

In order to…

Diagnosing problems via an X-Ray is typically done by a doctor. Can a machine be just as accurate? Photo by National Cancer Institute on Unsplash.

Automation has been a major driving force of increased efficiency, reliability, and speed across multiple industries, ranging from banking to transportation to agriculture. In this project, we investigate the potential of deep learning models to automate the process of medical image reporting, looking specifically at chest X-ray images.

Developing a…

Time flies like a roll of film.

A quick recap of what my year looked like at Minerva outside of academics. For me to remember and for you to enjoy.

As I enter my sophomore year of Seoul (South Korea) and Hyderabad (India), I thought I’d take a brief glance back to the past to hype me…

It is the end of my freshman year and I’m still receiving the same question. One that probably won’t go away for a long time. It comes from family, friends, even acquaintances, and often sounds something like “so, why on Earth did you choose Minerva?”

To be fair, it is…

“Colorful graffiti on a wall in Melbourne” by Jase Ess on Unsplash

The importance and intuitive appeal of culture became apparent to me through my work as Chief Graphic Designer of my high school’s languages magazine. I quickly realised that although the articles my classmates write are interesting, few would read the magazine if it wasn’t aesthetically appealing. It was my job…

Alexander Bricken

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