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Time flies like a roll of film.

“Time speeds up as you grow older” turns out to be the truth.

A quick recap of what my year looked like at Minerva outside of academics. For me to remember and for you to enjoy.

As I enter my sophomore year of Seoul (South Korea) and Hyderabad (India), I thought I’d take a brief glance back to the past to hype me up and inspire me for my approaching journey around the world.


Minerva started in a blink of an eye. Foundation week. Friend making. Rituals. San Francisco exploration. Even edamame parties.

It came quick, and it came true. My experience was unlike anything I had experienced before.

I met students from…

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My freshman year has come to an end.

It is the end of my freshman year and I’m still receiving the same question. One that probably won’t go away for a long time. It comes from family, friends, even acquaintances, and often sounds something like “so, why on Earth did you choose Minerva?”

To be fair, it is a good question. Why did I decide to go to an Edtech startup university with minimal credibility over the Ivy League and its counterparts?

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Photo by Mike Kenneally on Unsplash

Have you ever asked a silly question?

I have. Peet’s Coffee. 4:45 pm.

“Uh, hi. What is the iced latte like?”

“Well, it’s a latte and it’s iced.”

The lady behind the counter answered. Suddenly, a smile produced whitened teeth and she burst out laughing. I honestly didn’t find it funny - but she really did. I couldn’t even order for another minute because she was giggling her brains out across the counter.

“I’ll take it.”

I eventually responded, knowing her day had just been made.

Coffee in hand, I sat down at a long, wooden coffee table. Across from…

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“Colorful graffiti on a wall in Melbourne” by Jase Ess on Unsplash

The importance and intuitive appeal of culture became apparent to me through my work as Chief Graphic Designer of my high school’s languages magazine. I quickly realised that although the articles my classmates write are interesting, few would read the magazine if it wasn’t aesthetically appealing. It was my job to enhance this magazine visually — to design the magazine such that it both reflects the content inside and captures the attention of the high school community. Adobe InDesign gave me the power to do this.

Each edition brought a unique set of articles and design challenges, but culture became…

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Photo by Liam Richards on Unsplash

The movement of tectonic plates, the Tertiary period of warm and wet climate (65–2.6 Myr ago) and the Quaternary period (2.6 Myr to present) of periglacial and interglacial climates is what has brought Dartmoor to the landscape it is today. Many geomorphological textbooks present the Dartmoor landscape as “the product of deep granite weathering and subsequent periglacial slope processes and tor development, a two-stage evolution model made popular by David Linton (1955).”[1] This gives us great insight into just how crucial the granite was in creating the current Dartmoor Landscape. Granite is an igneous rock that is predominantly found at…

Alexander Bricken

Old Etonian turned Minervan. Traditional to unconventional. Here lies an amalgamation of academic essays and life messages.

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