Seek the counsel of knee replacement and reconstruction specialists

The knee is one of the most used joints in the body. This is only second to the likes of the wrists and elbows. The hip bone is also a very popular joint. One thing that is characteristic to all of these joints is the pain that one suffers when they are injured or infected. If you have never had a knee infection, pray that it never affects you. As people age, the joints also age and become so difficult to manage. They wear out and bone starts rubbing against bone. Are you seeing an opportunity for horrendous pain here?

When such an occurrence happens to the knee, you best make sure that you pay a visit to a specialist with immediate effect. There are the knee replacement and reconstruction surgeries that are conducted on people of just about any age. The replacement surgeries are mainly common in senior citizens who have had their knees damaged by conditions such as arthritis. The reconstruction surgery can be carried out on anyone. These surgeries usually come as a result of accidents that damage the knee.

Knee replacement surgeries

A total knee replacement surgery must be conducted by a knee specialist. These procedures are really complicated and if care is not taken the results are going to be devastating. Usually people have knee replacement operations because of pain. As abovementioned, with age there is always the issue of friction between bones. This causes a lot of pain. Using the knee becomes a problem. Getting up when you are seated becomes a horror show, getting out of bed is another issue and worst of all taking a flight of stairs. If you are an avid fitness fanatic you will not be able to run or use the treadmill.

This is where the knee replacement surgery comes in to save the day. Of course there is medication available to kill the pain but in most cases where knee replacement is necessary even this medication cannot work. The pain is just too much for the knee to handle. A knee specialist will assess your condition and determine the best method to sort out the problem.

Normally, the knee is replaced using an artificial material such as hard plastic or something similar. Metal is sometimes used but with the fear of metal poisoning most doctors opt for other options. After the operation you should be able to use your knee quite easily. The recovery period depends on individuals and it can take a few days or weeks in some people.

Reconstruction of the knee

Knee reconstruction is probably even more complex than the replacement. In this case the parts of the knee that are damaged are put back together to get rid of the pain. For instance when the ligament connecting the thigh bone and the leg bone is torn reconstruction must be done. This ligament can be damaged during sports or in an accident. The result is a swelling in the knee that is very painful. Using the leg become more like impossible for some time.

The reconstruction procedure is aimed at restoring your ability to use the leg. The patient’s desired level of activity in sorts or their occupation will be restored by this procedure. At the same time the procedure is designed to minimize the risk of injury to the other structures that are within the knee. It is therefore important to have the procedure conducted by a trained professional if you wish to get the best of results. A single slight error can render you unable to use your knee again for whatever activities you love engaging in.