Understanding all the dynamics of a hip replacement surgery

The hip and the knee are probably the most used joints in the body. They sure are the most popular joints in the leg. Damage to the knee can render an individual crippled depending, of course, on the extent of the injury. The same is the case with the hip, if it is injured you will not be able to do much. One of the best ways to handle the pain that comes with injuries in these joints is to go for surgery. If you need a hip or knee replacement you should make sure that you find the best orthopedic surgeon Sydney has to offer so that you are on the safe side.

What causes hip pain?

Pain the hip joint can be as a result of so many reasons. One of them is the injuries as aforementioned. A majority of young people who suffer from hip pain typically sustained injuries to the joint because of some accident. However, it is quite rare to find young people suffering from such conditions. The extent of the injury will determine whether you are eligible for replacement surgery or not.

Arthritis is ridiculously common nowadays, affecting even teenagers. This can result in severe pain in the joints of the leg- hip and knee. It is however more common in senior citizens. Rheumatoid arthritis has been known to cause unbearable pain in a majority of patients thus making it necessary for them to go for hip replacement surgery.

Loss of lubrication in the hip joint can render it unusable. The fluid that lubricates the joint must always be present if you are going to use the joint comfortably. When there is no lubrication, the bones in the joint come into contact with each other, thus resulting in a lot of pain. These are just some of the very many causes of pain in the hip joint.

What are the results of the pain?

When there is pain in the hip, normally the patient has a problem walking. They cannot walk comfortably because the pain is too much for them to handle. The individual can become immobile. Getting out of bed or even sitting down can be a problem as well. Generally, any activity that involves using the hip joint becomes impossible for the individual.

Sleeping does not really involve the hip joint but it can also be affected. In cases of severe hip pain, sleep eludes the patient. The person is unable to rest because the pain is too much to bear. Sometimes this pain is not alleviated even by the strongest pain killers. You can visit a doctor to prescribe to you these drugs but if they are not doing much to contain the pain for you, then you probably need to get hip replacement done.

What happens in replacement surgeries?

Hip and knee replacement surgeries are rather complicated in as much as they sound like simple procedures. It is therefore of great importance to have it done by an experienced orthopedic surgeon. Typically, during the operation, the doctor is going to remove the painful joint and then replace it with an artificial joint. These artificial joints are usually made from plastic and metal components. The replacement procedure should relieve the pain from the joint making it possible for you to lead a comfortable life once again.

Once the joint has been cut out, the artificial joint is then attached to the thighbone using either cement or some special material that makes it possible for the remaining bone to attach to the new joint. Remember, seek out the best orthopedic surgeon Sydney has to offer so as to get the best medical care. Do not go to just any person who claims to be offering joint replacement care.