Are Cigars for the Rich & Wealthy- Cigar Myths

Cigar smoking! Now, there is no secret that cigar smoking is usually associated the rich, the wealthy, the greedy and the bad. This myth boils down to Hollywood’s portrayal of cigar smokers, where usually, the wealthy, the corrupt, the rich, the famous, or the criminal people are being seen, enjoying a cigar.

As we see on the big screen, the “cigar lifestyle” is one involving all things luxury — watches, fine liquor, resorts, woman, the money…… so its safe to say that this image is pushed by a small but very visible minority of cigar smokers themselves. So, I guess its safe to say that we can come to the conclusion that cigar smoking are for the wealthy, right?.. well not quite.

Now, don’t get me wrong, there are cigars that sold in auctions for over 500,000 but on the flip side, you can get a cigar for around $2, it can even be cheaper than that, depending on where you are.

Lets keep in mind, people smoke cigars for a variety of reasons such as

1). Relaxation - smoking cigars tend to give you a calming spirit, allowing your body and soul to relax, a time to reflect and block out all disturbances

2). Art Form - just think about what actually goes into creating a quality cigar… from the tobacco is harvested and cured, to how its rolled and put together. A cigar is truly a masterpiece that should be appreciated

3)Flavors — from vanilla to cherry to irish crème, chocolate rum, coffee, you name the flavor, there is a cigar for it. I mean who doesn’t enjoy a little flavor in their life

4). The People — With over 13 million active cigar smokers in the united states alone, what better opportunity to learn, network and enjoy the company of another fellow cigar smoker.

In short, smoking cigars is a lifestyle. One that anyone can enjoy, no matter what gender, ethnicity, age, well… maybe not age but you know what I mean.

So whether you can afford a private jet, a yacht and a Bugatti or whether you are struggling to pay your bills, there is no pricetag or proof of wealth that has to be put into place if you would love to enjoy a nice cigar. So lets finally debunk the myth, that cigars are only for the super wealthy?