Fitness Education Certifications from the Onnit Academy

Alexander Garbiso owns Mile High Nutrition and Fitness, through which he draws on his skills as a personal trailer to help clients in Colorado achieve their fitness goals. A qualified fitness professional, Alexander Garbiso has completed training through Onnit Academy, which awards two types of certificates in the field of fitness education.

Onnit’s Foundations certification covers the basics the Onnit Academy System and provides a framework from which to build. Through a focus on movement theory and joint health, participants learn over the course of two classes how to move and strengthen the human body using both weighted and body-weight exercises.

Through Specialist certifications, Onnit participants master individual workout tools. Students can choose ropes, kettlebells, maces, or clubs, each of which uses gravity and movement in a different way. By completing one or more specialty classes, students become intimately familiar with their chosen workout tool and ultimately draw on it create effective routines for clients.

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