Move Fast and Break People #3

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Scrolling through Twitter, I stumbled upon a thread that asked people to write three words to describe coping with anxiety and stress. One response has stuck with me months later.

“Every. Day. Battle.”

Stress and anxiety at work often feel like this for me.

But as I thought more about it, I struggled to come up with a reason why this line resonated with me so much.

I’ve been fortunate enough to work for interesting companies, have had supportive bosses and maintain great relationships with colleagues (current and former).

Hardly sound like a battle does it?

But when I started…

Move Fast and Break People #2

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Photo credit: Robert Bye via Unsplash

You’ve probably seen it by now.

About a week ago, Basecamp CEO Jason Fried tweeted the following message and ignited a passionate debate that spanned the far reachers of VC/ Founder/Startup Twitter for a few days:

Fried’s message is clear and direct (and arguably uncontroversial): if you find yourself in an environment with unhealthy work conditions or schedules, you should probably leave.

Yet as it made its way across Twitter last week, Fried’s seemingly sensible take morphed into an ad hoc referendum on hard work and what it takes to succeed. …

#1 Move Fast and Break People

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Bruno Martins via Unsplash

If you don’t methodically set your culture then two-thirds of it will end up being accidental and the rest will be a mistake.

-Ben Horowitz, What You Do is Who You Are

Early in my career, looking for a job felt a lot like the university admissions process. Accordingly, I made sure to toe a delicate line of aggrandizement on LinkedIn, copied sexy-looking CV templates and worked any personal connection I could find in my non-existent network.

What I didn’t spend much time thinking about was “fit.”

Was this company going to teach me…

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Do you remember what it felt like when you were in school and a teacher would call on you in class but you didn’t know the answer or hadn’t read the chapter?

I do.

When this happened to me, I could feel an unsettling gurgle emerge in my gut while hot, almost palpable steam seemingly traveled up my torso and until it was released in embarrassing red blotches on my face.

I don’t know the answer! Everyone is going to know that I don’t know the answer.

The dread of “not knowing” has followed me since I left history class…

Snips and Find & Order have teamed up to help retailers offer innovative in-store shopping experiences

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Snips has partnered with Find & Order, a mobile intelligence company, to reinvent the the shopping experience with embedded in-store navigation. Soon you’ll be able to tick items off your shopping list simply by asking where your items are located, alleviating the hassle of searching endlessly for a product in a large store. We recently interviewed Find & Order’s CEO Mickael Carvalho to get his take on the future of retail and why Snips was the best voice solutions partner. Read the full interview and watch our technology in action on the Snips blog.

DSP Group and Snips will power Multi-Room Functionality for Smart Home and Buildings

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Snips is excited to announce our technology partnership with DSP Group, a partnership that unlocks entirely new possibilities for voice recognition in the local environment and makes even more voice recognition functionality available on the edge. By combining our voice recognition software, running on-device and offline, together with DSP Group we give OEMs a new possibility to create a local grid of mutually-aware devices, lowering the BoM per device and giving opportunities to diversify their product offerings. …

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With Snips Flow, OEMs can now deploy natural language voice solutions in Spanish and Italian.

Snips is on track to support languages spoken by 50% of the global population by 2020, recently adding Spanish and Italian support for our Snips Flow solution. Learn more about what you can do with voice in six languages, the benefits of Snips Flow, our micro-controller (MCU) product, and Snips Commands, which already supports over 66 languages and dialects.

Plus, take a look at a demo video in Spanish with our Product Manager Dani!

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In the wake of launching 3 new enterprise voice solutions at CES, we’re deepening our business-to-business (B2B) focus with a bright new hire: Emmanuel Barbier, SVP of Engineering. He will support new and existing clients to bring voice-enabled products and services to market faster. Hear from Emmanuel about why he chose to join Snips on the Snips blog.

Snips x ProKNX Demo at IFA 2018 in Berlin

ProKNX, a French company using the KNX protocol, has chosen Snips as the embedded voice platform for their smart building solutions. ProKNX customers will be able to control their home gateway with voice. We caught up with their CEO, Christian Kiefel at IFA in Berlin to ask him about home automation, the role of voice in accelerating adoption and what made Snips attractive to ProKNX.

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ProKNX CEO Christian Kiefel

[Snips] Tell us a little about ProKNX

[Christian] ProKNX is a startup company in the south of France, in a tech research park called Sophia Antipolis…

Voice, AI, and the Future of Content

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Last month, Snips’ VP of Sales Stephen Bauer spoke on a panel during the IFA technology conference in Berlin about how trends in content creation are changing the way consumers and businesses design their products and services.

Stephen was joined by a group of experts in a discussion lead by Nokia’s Global Head of Marketing, Paramita Bhattacharya. Below you’ll find some fascinating insights and key trends identified by the panel.

The conversation started with a look at the dramatic shift in storytelling that has taken shape during the last few years. Of course, Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR)…

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