This is the early days of Cryptocurrency.
Leon Gaban

Great intro, I’m excited to be a part of the lunatic fringe!

One thing to note (always gotta have one thing to note), you write that Bitcoin is “ more durable since you cannot destroy a Bitcoin”.


This is a real problem for cryptocurrencies, since you absolutely can destroy them in a flash if you don’t make backups, can’t remember passwords, havea hard drive fail, have a house fire and so on and so on. They’re also easier to steal at the moment with how poor most people and states are at digital security vs physical security.

With plastic notes replacing paper ones the world over, I would argue that as it stands, paper money is more durable than cryptocurrencies.

People will get better at online security, but they’re going to have to get A LOT better (and we’ll need to devise methods and training to help them get better) before crypto can properly fulfil these 6 characteristics.

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