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The long overdue de-platforming of one of America’s most famous racists

Last Friday, David Duke — former Grand Wizard of the KKK, one-time member of the Louisiana House of Representatives, and convicted felon— made headlines after he was permanently suspended from Twitter.

In 2017, Duke briefly reemerged out of the racist depths of the Stormfront community and back into the public spotlight during the infamous Unite the Right Rally. In a documentary put out by Vice, Duke, dressed in the innocuous American male uniform of a polo and ball-cap, had a chance to extol the virtuous impetus of this rally to a mainstream audience:

They don’t want our speech because we’re…

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The federal agents operating in Portland, OR is a case study of The Administration’s brand of pseudo-fascist policing

In the two months following the murder of George Floyd, demonstrations organized by or connected with Black Lives Matter have continued across the United States. The most recent example of such a demonstration was held on July 21st, whereby a coalition of 60 unions and activists organizations from around the country organized the nationwide Strike For Black Lives that saw thousands of essential workers walk-out of their jobs in racial solidarity.

Like this most recent demonstration, the majority of local protests have been overwhelmingly peaceful events. With the shuttering of Seattle’s experimental Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone earlier in July, there…

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Yes, Boston, like any other city in the United States, has racists. I know this first hand.

Earlier this week on a warm, sunny Tuesday afternoon, it finally happened.

In my supposed liberal hometown of Medford, MA, it finally happened.

After 25-years of somehow miraculously avoiding the inevitable for virtually every black person in the United States, it finally happened.

I was finally called a nigger.

Although I knew that it was bound to happen at some point, I’ve never imagined how this racist right-of-passage would go down. …

A still from the surveillance footage of Garret Rolfe chasing Rayshard Brooks.

As a civilian, I was taught that shooting someone as they are run away is never justified. The police should be held to an identical standard.

Over the weekend, the United States witnessed the shooting of Rayshard Brooks, a 27-year-old black man, at the hands of Garret Rolfe, a white officer of the Atlanta Police Department. In the wake of the murder of George Floyd where the United States erupted in weeks of emotionally intense protests calling for long-overdue police accountability and reform, Rayshard’s slaying feels especially poignant.

What started off as a long sobriety test at a Wendy’s drive thru devolved into a scuffle between Rayshard and the officers that culminated in him getting shot three times in the back whilst running away from the…

The NRA loves to talk tough on tyranny, yet they remain absent in the face of excessive government force against the people.

With the possible exception of Planned Parenthood, there are few organizations in the United States that are more polarizing than the National Rifle Association.

Founded in 1871 with the purpose of improving the marksmanship skills of American servicemen (evidently, Union Army records show that only one Confederate soldier was hit for every 1,000 rounds fired), the NRA has since morphed into one of the largest and most infamous political lobbying organizations in the United States following the aggressive leadership takeover in 1977 (aka The Revolt at Cincinnati) that would set the stage for the hard, mostly uncompromising organization that we…

They claim to be representatives of a new wave of black conservatism. In reality, they are nothing more than opportunistic charlatans.


Whether or not you’re familiar with the term, odds are that you know of one.

But what exactly is a grifter?

Think of a grifter as a swindler with a powerful megaphone and a bombastic voice. Like a swindler, a grifter is really good at finessing people out of their money.

However, grifters are more than just your run-of-the-mill con artists participating in some kind of knife or cosmetics selling pyramid scheme.

Grifters are influencers (not necessarily in the Instagram sense of the word, although many grifters do leverage social media to achieve their goals), people that can amass…

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Another example of rural exclusion in the national discourse

Over the weekend, millions of households tuned-in to Graduate Together 2020, an hour-long program dedicated to this year’s graduating high school class who collectively missed out on all of the traditional pomp and circumstance due to COVID-19. Over the course of 60-minutes, viewers were treated to monologues from thought leaders and celebrities like Malala Yousafzai, Kevin Hart, Lena Waithe, and Megan Rapinoe; performances by the Jonas Brothers, Alicia Keys, and H.E.R.; and a commencement speech from Former President Obama that underscored the absence of President Trump in a moment like this.

When big name personalities were not speaking or performing…

And the persistent attempts to vilify black victims of violence

A security camera shows him walking into a construction site.

He had a record.

They should show his mugshot.

Last week, large swaths of the United States joined in collective outrage after video evidence of Ahmaud Arbery’s slaying in February publicly surfaced. In graphic detail, American households witnessed the chilling final moments of a 25-year-old black man who was shot and killed at the hands of two white vigilantes that alleged Ahmaud was the suspect in a string of burglaries (dubious ones, at that). …

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Not a whole lot of people in my life know that I own firearms.

Hailing from Massachusetts, a state with firearm regulations that can be considered strict when compared to other areas of the United States, the majority of my personal politic being on the liberal end of the spectrum, and growing up in the opposite of a “gun-friendly” household, the odds of me owning a couple of firearms were slim.

Slim, but not none.

Despite the barriers, my interest developed very organically over the course of my young life. From playing and tinkering with Nerf Guns as a pre-teen…

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