What does the future hold?

This week’s lecture made me think more about where I would want to work than who would want to employ me. So I started researching some design firms that, if everything goes to plan, I might have a chance of working at.

I wanted to get a better idea of what was out there so I simply searched ‘graphic design firms worldwide’ and found an article about the 50 Best Graphic Design Firms in the World. The list included firms like Stefan Sagmeister’s Sagmeister & Walsh, Bleed who have consistently won multiple awards a year since 2001 and British firm The Chase who have a great doctrine ‘From strategic planning, to conceptual thinking, to the final crafting in which every mark has to justify its reason for being’. The more research I did into these amazing studios and design houses the more I realised that,realistically, they were a bit out of reach for a young designer straight out of college.

So I decided to comprise a more realistic list of studios I could apply to. Most of these are still a little out of reach at the moment, but this has given me a clear goal I where I want to be within 5 years of graduating which is something I lacked before now. Here, in no specific order, is the list.

With a love for Creativity, Function, Beauty, Purpose and Good Coffee, Melbourne based Yoke is exactly what comes to mind when I think of where I want to be working in 5 years. They are a small, tight nit team of designers and developers who’s love of what they do shines through in what they produce. Their accounts include Australian names such as NAB, Abria Luxury Residences, Work Safe Australia, Australian Galleries and Design Institute of Australia as well as International brands like Palace Cinemas (who run the annual Emeritus British Film Festival), Captain Cook (a restaurant in Tokyo’s upmarket Hiroo district), Reis a boutique African tour operator and many others. The scope of the influence that Yoke has had in the 10 years It has been operating is extremely impressive for the size studio.

‘Good ideas create good concepts, good concepts create good design and good design adds value to any project.’ This line, taken from their website, sums up exactly what I like about Can I Play. A small studio working in Melbourne their design is bold and effective. Although they aren’t a Design Studio in the classical sense, they seem to put a lot of importance on the process and so call themselves an Ideas, Design & Production studio. Their expertise extends further than graphic design as well, with their studio also having a workshop where high-quality custom designed furniture is crafted. This is the kind of place where you never stop growing as a designer learning and using skills outside of the norm.

The name says it all, this boutique Melbourne studio defines themselves by their love of the unknown and drive to create unique, distinctive memorable brands. A small 5-person boutique studio StudioBrave are extremely active in the creative community. They have made themselves very accessible to up and coming designers by holding ‘Inside Nights’ where they talk students through the entire design process behind one of their current projects. Also hosting an event called ‘Lunch Meat’ where they simply have lunch with first and second year design students ‘No Slides, no pre prepared speeches, no strings attached’ makes this sound like an amazing opportunity for those students that I’m extremely jealous of. They are also currently hiring a Junior designer, if only time travel were possible.


This research has really motivated to look at what studios like this look for in their employees and start to develop those qualities in myself. It also made me realise that I need to start getting my self further out into the creative community, not simply posting a design to Instagram once a week, but putting myself out there and building relationships. It also struck me that design isn’t just about the pretty pictures you make but is very much about the thought and intention behind them.