Autoria- ICO and more

Do not forget to claim your mining well! The ICO of Authorship will take place on the website from: July 14 until August 4.

The end of expensive equipment for network mining, this is one of the proposals of

The Details
AUT is the first bid-curve modeling currency distribution system. Mining is based on a mathematical function that is designed to evolve with the launch of our decentralized applications. Total token supply at the end of the mining period will depend on the number of Wells Mining sold during the three-week crowdsale.
We believe that our distribution model helps you accomplish the following:
- Investors are limited to 100 in the ETH value of AUT tokens, or 1,750,000 Tokens in the sale price. This means that large investors can not monopolize AUT mining. This is an output of other POS methods that encourage chip monopolization.
- Our data on other high-profile ICOs (such as Status) suggests that 95% of the ICO’s unique funding addresses come from sales of ETH 100 or less. The ETH 100 hardcover also maximizes the diversity of mining addresses. This provides a solid and diversified, infrastructure for our currency.
- Mining wells are permanent. Other POS methods allow token token exchange assets, which reduces transparency and makes them vulnerable to attack.

  • AUT Distribution token is power curve fitting. This means,
    Is designed specifically to match the major steps and authoring application launches. This helps prevent hyper-inflation or hyper-deflation of AUT and allows the significant appreciation of AUT marketcap over time.

What investors can expect
Our goal is to provide a solid fundamental cryptomoeda upon which a vast network of applications can be built. Our Phase plans that include a quick listing schedule for large cryptomed exchanges, including Bitttrex and Poloniex, and Phase II involves retailing during the roll-
Out of our Merchant Services. More details about our private plans are available in our document.
Investors will receive substantial bonus rewards upon reaching critical milestones. Above R $ 11,000,000 USD worth of tokens have been marked for the initial rewarding investors.

ICO Details:
Bounty for Twitter-10%
Bounty for Blog Posts and Articles & Videos-35%
Bounty for Whitepaper Translation-25%
Bounty for Art-5%
Bounty for Signatures-25%





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