Never forget: Steve Bannon has explicitly stated that his intent is to “crank up the hate” to make us all easy to control. I’m seeing a lot of panic and hysteria on my social media feeds today, and while I understand the emotions we must cut through them. Giving in to fear is playing right into the hand of the administration.

In order to clear the fog of chaos I’ve created two lists below. Select one thing from the first, do it, then select one thing from the second and do that. Wait a MINIMUM of 4 hours then repeat if (and only IF) you feel you have the emotional bandwidth to repeat the entire cycle then still enjoy your evening.

Sounds easy enough, right?


LIST ONE: Concrete acts of resistance (select one item)

  1. The ACLU has filed suit against the Trump Administration for their #MuslimBan. Support them by making a donation here:
  2. Call your local congress people. If they are Republicans, let them know that you want them to stand up to Trump, not be his black check. List several areas you want to see them challenge him. If they are Democrats let them know you will back them up if they take strong, bold action. The Countable app makes it easy to call all your reps quickly, so no excuses:
  3. The National Immigration Law Center is preparing legal challenges to Trump’s cruel and likely-illegal threats against our undocumented neighbors, and the sanctuary cities that welcome them. Donate to them, then sign up for their email list so you can attend their next Webinar:
  4. If you are in New York, join the protest going on at JFK Terminal 4. If you aren’t there, share one of the many live feeds of the protest on your social media accounts. It can help others (including those in targeted populations) to SEE the resistance:
  5. Democrats don’t have the numbers in congress to stop Trump alone. Reach out to Republicans who stood up to him in the past and thank them for putting country ahead of party, then ask them to be even stronger going forward. Here are a few contacts. Get in touch with three: Senator Lindsey Graham: @LindseyGrahamSC (202) 224–5972, Senator Ben Sasse: @BenSasse (202) 224–4224, Senator John McCain (202) 224–2235 (doesn’t seem like he personally tweets much), Senator Jeff Flake @JeffFlake 202–224–4521, Senator Susan Collins (207) 622–8414 (also doesn’t tweet much.)

LIST TWO: Self Care (Select as many as you want!)

  1. Spend an hour outside. Go for a walk, take a picnic lunch to a local park, or just hang out in your yard with a (non-political) book for a while.
  2. Make a bag of popcorn, then put on one of your favorite movies from the 90's or earl 00’s. If you don’t have access to Netflix, Hulu or Amazon Prime call your local library. They likely have DVDs for rent (or in some cases streaming!)
  3. Is there a task on your to-do list that keeps getting overlooked? That letter that’s STILL not sent, that haircut you are so overdue for, or that doctor or therapist appointment you promise you will make tomorrow? Do that. Then congratulate yourself on adulting so well with an hour of zoning out to (non-political, non-social justice) youtube videos
  4. Get lost in fiction. Pick a book off the NYT Best seller list and download it to your phone or tablet to start reading immediately: Or dive into one of the classics from the Gutenberg free ebook library:
  5. Writing has been found to be very therapeutic, and it doesn’t have to be just plain old journaling. Put some words on paper/screen, whether it’s a medium post like this, the opening scene to your own great American novel, or seedy Doctor Who fanfic.
  6. Make yourself a cup of tea, then brows nature photographers on Instagram. Here are a few to get you started: @ChrisBurkard @TimLaman and @Jimmy_Chin

Please share your own ideas for both lists with me! I would love to add to them.