How a Former Video Game Designer Created the Best Intersection For Bikes

A “cycletrack” opened up for bikes riding across busy traffic. It opened up the first one in Salt Lake City Utah. The name of the video game designer who created these lanes was not mentioned.

An Apple-powered smart home with these nine HomeKit-friendly gadgets

In 2014, a new product was marketed called the Apple HomeKit. It is a set of systems programmed for products under the category of iPhones and iPads. The CNET Smart Home Project enables the testing of this product in real-world environments.

How a 3-D-printer changed a 4-year-old’s heart and life

Mia Gonzalez didnt have a normal first 3 1/2 years of life because of heart problems. The doctors were a it hesitate to operate on her in open heart surgery. But thanks to the new invention of the 3-D printer, which can recreate organs, they made a replica of her heart and were able to operate on her after playing with the replica for a bit.