When you hear about Personal Branding, you might think of pretty colors and fonts.

But Branding is so much more, especially when it comes to Personal Branding, the one which has evolved more and more with the rise of influencers and solopreneurs in today’s digital age.

The official definition of Personal Branding is

“A personal brand is a widely recognised and largely-uniform perception or impression of an individual based on their experience, expertise, competencies, actions and/or achievements within a community, industry, or the marketplace at large.” (Source 1)

What should Personal Branding represent?

Personal Branding should represent your


What kind of energy do you…

Making the best of your time in lockdown

The world as we know it is standing still and is in chaos at the same time. Most countries imposed a lockdown on the citizens in order to slow down the spread of COVID-19, forcing most people to stay in their homes. We can all feel the collective uncertainty, panic, and confusion some people are experiencing and are looking for a sense of normality in those crazy times.

For online entrepreneurs, like myself, who are used to having to structure their days in their home office and scheduling times for self-care and exercise, not much is changing. …

All our thoughts, emotions and behaviors are a result of communicating neurons. At which frequency they communicate with each other, determines their brainwave state.

This article will give you a clear overview about the five brainwave states and will help you understand how we can use the knowledge about them to change our feelings, rewire our neurons and thereby change our identity and reality so that we can leverage our full potential and live fulfilled successful lives.

Picture by Gordon Johnson on Pixabay

I got intrigued with this topic due to books such as “Breaking the habit of being yourself” by Dr. Joe Dispenza and teachings…

“When a flower doesn’t bloom, you fix the environment in which it grows, not the flower.” — Alexander Den Heijer

We often are made to believe that if we find inner peace, the environment doesn't matter. While that is partially true, let me explain why the environment still plays such a huge role when it comes to our feelings, mood, behavior, growth potential and productivity…

Disclaimer: Our life is not only influenced by our environment but also by our genes and of course especially by our actions/self-control. So, this article is not supposed to be used as an excuse to…

This is not supposed to be an article about what is healthy or not! I think there is enough information out there these days, that people know that fruit and vegetables are healthy for you and too much sugar will make you tired and fat (also all is great in moderation)

I want to address the other pieces that sometimes get forgotten.

1. Your energy

Your energy levels depend on mainly two things: Sleep and Nutrition (of course also your mental state but let's leave that for another day!) What do you think you will get more energy from? From something that is…

1. Position yourself as an expert

There is no easier way than using posts, (live) videos, articles and audio content to show your knowledge and experience about a certain topic than on social media. Even if you initially create it on another platform such as your own website, medium or your own podcast, it will always get more exposure through Facebook, Instagram or even YouTube & Pinterest.

2. Engage and build relationships

Social media (as the name suggests) is the best platform to build relationships. Most of the people check it several times a day, it takes a second to like or comment on someone's post. It almost feels like interacting…

  1. You only live once! What you leave behind on earth will stay! Money is simply a transaction tool we use while we are on this planet.
  2. Money follows the impact! → If you make an impact, the money will follow! Just look at all the big names: Oprah, Marie Forleo, Mark Zuckerberg, Grant Cardone, Anthony Robbins, … : They make a big impact hence their bank account is big too!
  3. What feels more exciting to you? Impacting lives or numbers on your bank account?

❤ Focus on the impact you want to make and you will not have to worry about the income anymore ❤

First of all, I want to define what success means to me in this context.

Success means living a life you are absolutely fulfilled with, living up to your potential, feeling abundant and impactful, living the life you desire and which makes your heart sing!

1. They dream big

Karyme França via

Seriously, before anything can come into reality, you have to dream it! And with that, I mean dreaming BIG, even dreaming unrealistic.

Your thoughts become your habits and your habits become your reality!

When I was 19 years old, I dreamt of traveling long-term after high school. I had no idea how, I had no…

You hear a lot about journaling when you are in the personal development and/or coaching industry and if you are new to it, you will probably think:

“Wow, it is that easy? Writing my thoughts in a diary will actually change my life…?”

Plus Design Studio via

…Until you try it out. I have invested in several programs from several leading business coaches and mentors and all of them journal, in order to

  • Get clarity about all life areas (including their work of course)
  • Reframe limiting beliefs into empowering ones
  • Get intentional about goals
  • Write down action plans to actually achieve those goals
  • Heal…

1. Let go of all the things that no longer serve you

  • Materialistic: Sell the things you do no longer need (e.g. clothes, furniture). Cancel unnecessary contracts. Stop spending money on unnecessary things and invest it in your dream instead.
  • Relationships: Be honest with yourself if they are just comfort and habit or if they are actually fulfilling you and if you bring the best out of each other. Have a conversation about your plans of a freedom lifestyle and if your partner wants to be on board or not.
  • Job(s): Have at least 6–12 months of savings. Are you ready to completely let go of your job or would you prefer…

Alexandra Zuber

Cert.Coach & NLP Pract., who helps driven freedom seekers to create a limitless, authentic & abundant life through an online income!

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