Brainwave states and how you can utilize them to transform your life

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Introduction to Brainwave States

The billions of neurons in the brain connect and communicate with each other through small electrical currents and throughout gigantic networks of brain circuits. Electrical pulses are being produced through activation of all these neurons which results in a “brainwave” affecting our state of consciousness.

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Starting this article with the Beta State because it is the one most prominent in our busy modern lifestyles and also causes many problems if we spend more time in it than we should, e.g.stress and overwhelm.

  • Being engaged in an active conversation
  • Debating & Negotiating
  • Teaching & Speaking
  • Being deeply focused on a task
  • Decision Making & Problem-Solving
  • Learning something new

Results from being in the Beta State

While the Beta State is great for

  • productivity, concentration, and alertness
  • improved logic, reasoning, and critical thinking
  • an inability to focus
  • inability to be creative
  • overwhelm, stress, anxiety, and burnout


Alpha brainwaves are slower than beta brainwaves and higher in amplitude. Their frequency ranges from 9 to 14 cycles per second. The brain hemispheres are synchronized in this state which means that the brain is fully active.

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Activities in an Alpha State:

  • Taking a break after completing some work
  • Going for a light walk
  • Practicing Yoga & meditation
  • State before falling asleep
  • Being creative and artistic

Results from being in an Alpha state:

  • Expanded mental clarity
  • Internal environment for new learning and accessing previously learned information
  • The link between the conscious and subconscious mind
  • Reduced anxiety, chronic pain, high blood pressure
  • Increases (athletic) performance, motivation, inspiration, creativity, intuitive guidance, energy, and happiness
  • Highly suggestible brain → best to reprogram your limiting beliefs


Theta Brainwaves are of even greater amplitude and slower frequency, between 5 and 8 cycles a second. The brain hemispheres are synchronized.

  • Daydreaming & Dreaming while sleeping
  • Being in a creative process such as painting, writing…
  • Reduced consciousness, access to the unconscious mind
  • Any task which has become automatic e.g. brushing teeth
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Results of being in Theta State:

Sense of inner peace and emotional stability

  • Deep relaxation
  • Improved memory
  • Heightened intuition, inspiration & spiritual connection
  • Improved physical healing
  • Better sleep
  • Release of beneficial hormones related to health and longevity
  • Reduction of mental fatigue, anxiety, and stress
  • Overall bliss and contentment
  • Body awareness vanishes (automatic functions of the body continue)
  • Uninhibited imagination and creativity which leads to
  • Out-of-the-box problem-solving
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These are the slowest of all brainwaves with a frequency of 0.5–4 Hz so when we sleep and dream, being the strongest when we are in restorative sleep while we are not dreaming.

Results of Delta State

  • Healing and Rejuvenation


Gamma brainwaves are the fastest measurable brainwaves with a frequency of 32–100 Hz. In this brainwave state, the perception is heightened, also known as ‘peak mental state’.

  • Learning
  • Problem-solving tasks
  • Deep meditation of experienced meditators e.g. Buddhist monks
  • Anxiety disorders
  • Sleep problems & nightmares
  • Impulsive behavior & anger
  • Hyper-vigilance
  • Agitated depression & chronic nerve pain
  • depression
  • attention deficit
  • chronic pain
  • and insomnia.

Healthy Results of being in Gamma State:

Compassion, happiness, intelligence

  • Having high amounts of self-control & feelings of pure happiness
  • Increased awareness through your five senses

Application for emotional well-being and life transformations

Any imbalance of brain wave states can result in emotional and neuro-physical health problems.

1. Meditation & Visualization

There could be an entire article dedicated to the topic of the benefits of meditation so I will just focus on how it relates to brainwave states here.

Image by Okan Caliskan on Pixabay
  • Do meditation and visualization practices straight after waking up or shortly before going to sleep for it to have a bigger impact because that is when we are still/already in the Alpha/Theta state.
  • Use supporting music which is explained in point 5
  • Take it as serious (or even more serious) than your work. Schedule it into your calendar!

2. Neurofeedback

“Neurofeedback is a computer-aided training method in which selected parameters of the patient´s own brain activity, which can normally not be perceived, are made visible to the patient. Via monitor and loudspeaker the brain is shown what it is doing at the moment (feedback). The aim of the neurofeedback training is to teach the brain to attain an appropriate state and to be able to maintain that state.” (EEG-Info, 2019)

  • Better self-regulation of the brain activity
  • Compensation for dysregulations (dysregulations can lead to illnesses, disorders or unwanted behavior patterns)
  • More functionality

3. Mindset Work

“What you focus on, expands.”

  • Write down your intentions daily
  • Read your future vision daily
  • Watch mind movies (create your own mind movie WITH MUSIC)
  • Speak out and/or listen to “I AM” affirmations tailored to your ideal future self (in Theta State, after waking up or before sleeping)
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4. Theta Healing

5. Brainwave Entrainment

Results of Brainwave Entrainment

  • Super-learning, improved memory & I.Q
  • Alleviating migraines and depression
  • Enhanced creativity
  • Stress relief
  • Release of HGH (Human growth hormone)
  • Significant increase of DHEA (up to 90%) and melatonin production
Image by Gordon Johnson on Pixabay

5.1 Binaural Beats

Binaural beats effectively entrain and synchronize your brainwaves to enhance any specific brainwave pattern. “It works like this: each ear receives a slightly different frequency at the same time, and the brain perceives the tone that is the difference between the two. If 210 Hz pulses into one ear and 200 into the other, the brain will process the two sounds into a 10 Hz frequency, which happens to be the same frequency produced by the brain during meditation.” (Mindvalley, 2019)

7. Sleep

The importance of sleep should be nothing new. Your brain and body need an appropriate time in the Delta State which only happens when you sleep, in order to get deep recovery and healing.


Yes, there are uncontrollable factors in life but there are many things you have power over and your state of mind and body determine HOW you deal with those circumstances.

You are the driver of your thoughts, your language, your emotions!

Image by Gerd Altmann ”>Pixabay</a>

You decide how you want to start your day and if you want to live in bliss or if you want to live in stress and fear.

You have all the tools you need in order to use your full potential of mental, spiritual and physical health!



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