Brainwave states and how you can utilize them to transform your life

Alexandra Zuber
Jul 17 · 10 min read
Picture by Gordon Johnson on Pixabay

Introduction to Brainwave States

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Results from being in the Beta State


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Activities in an Alpha State:

Results from being in an Alpha state:


Image by Svetlana Konstantynova on Pixabay

Results of being in Theta State:

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Results of Delta State


Healthy Results of being in Gamma State:

Application for emotional well-being and life transformations

1. Meditation & Visualization

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2. Neurofeedback

3. Mindset Work

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4. Theta Healing

5. Brainwave Entrainment

Results of Brainwave Entrainment

Image by Gordon Johnson on Pixabay

5.1 Binaural Beats

7. Sleep


You are the driver of your thoughts, your language, your emotions!

Image by Gerd Altmann ”>Pixabay</a>

You decide how you want to start your day and if you want to live in bliss or if you want to live in stress and fear.

You have all the tools you need in order to use your full potential of mental, spiritual and physical health!


Alexandra Zuber

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Certified Coach, on a mission to inspire and empower driven souls to live their potential for a life full of meaning, freedom and impact!

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