How to use social media for your online business

Alexandra Zuber
Feb 8 · 2 min read

1. Position yourself as an expert

There is no easier way than using posts, (live) videos, articles and audio content to show your knowledge and experience about a certain topic than on social media. Even if you initially create it on another platform such as your own website, medium or your own podcast, it will always get more exposure through Facebook, Instagram or even YouTube & Pinterest.

2. Engage and build relationships

Social media (as the name suggests) is the best platform to build relationships. Most of the people check it several times a day, it takes a second to like or comment on someone's post. It almost feels like interacting in real life, sometimes even more intimate because, let's be real, when we meet someone for the first time in person, we usually do not share all our faces on the first night. Nothing easier than connecting on social media, and actually staying connected through mutual friends, and literally daily availability.

3. Crosspost your content

Whatever you produce, you can share it anywhere. I share my articles which I write on medium, on my Facebook Personal Profile, FB Group and Instagram. You can share an interesting YouTube Video on your Social Media. You can share any (including your own) website on your social media. You can download Facebook Video and use them for membership sites for your clients etc. etc.

4. Build the “Know, Like & Trust” Factor

The experts already know this, but the infamous “KLT” Factor means you have to show up online so often that people get to know you, so authentic that they are going to like you and so open and real that they are going to trust you!

5. Show that you are human, relatable and vulnerable!

Do not ONLY show your professional side. Show them your dogs, what you do in your free time, your friends, bad days, if you are going through a rough time etc. etc. People need something they can relate to and want to get to know the real you!

6. Link to your website!

As mentioned before, you can use social media to link to your website, expose your services or even do paid advertising. There are no limits in today's world and it has never been easier!

7. Give free value!

Give, give & give! That is how people are going to trust you! This is how they want to give back to you! This is how YOU will practice an abundance mindset because it is not about getting something back, you want to give freely because you want to genuinely make a difference! Any information is basically available for free in today's world!

Alexandra Zuber

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Certified Coach, on a mission to inspire and empower driven souls to live their potential for a life full of meaning, freedom and impact!

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