Why your impact is more important than your income

Alexandra Zuber
Feb 7 · 1 min read
  1. You only live once! What you leave behind on earth will stay! Money is simply a transaction tool we use while we are on this planet.
  2. Money follows the impact! → If you make an impact, the money will follow! Just look at all the big names: Oprah, Marie Forleo, Mark Zuckerberg, Grant Cardone, Anthony Robbins, … : They make a big impact hence their bank account is big too!
  3. What feels more exciting to you? Impacting lives or numbers on your bank account?

❤ Focus on the impact you want to make and you will not have to worry about the income anymore ❤

Alexandra Zuber

Written by

Certified Coach, on a mission to inspire and empower driven souls to live their potential for a life full of meaning, freedom and impact! www.alexandrazuber.com

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