You are what you eat!

Alexandra Zuber
Feb 10 · 2 min read

This is not supposed to be an article about what is healthy or not! I think there is enough information out there these days, that people know that fruit and vegetables are healthy for you and too much sugar will make you tired and fat (also all is great in moderation)

I want to address the other pieces that sometimes get forgotten.

1. Your energy

Your energy levels depend on mainly two things: Sleep and Nutrition (of course also your mental state but let's leave that for another day!) What do you think you will get more energy from? From something that is alive or from something that is dead? Aliveness is in plants, death is meat, simple. Plus, it takes 7 hours to digest meat but only 1 hour to digest an apple. When I went veggie five years ago, the first thing I noticed was that I had more clarity in my head and felt more energized.

2. Your looks

Why do some people have better skin than others? They drink sufficiently, they eat the right food (e.g. good fats such as in avocados or nuts). Studies also prove that your diet has a significant effect on your aging process.

3. Your feelings

Ever felt awful or even not fully satisfied after Fast Food? That is because you did not get your nutrients. Ever felt blissful and just content after a healthy meal? You know why. How are you feeling preparing food yourself, maybe even picking it in your own garden before versus eating restaurant food? The connection is there and “Mamas food is the best”

4. Act of self-care

Your body is your temple and what you put into your body is an act of self-love. Are you with me?

5. Mindfulness

The way you think about your food habits, the way you practice them are all a matter of mindfulness. Are you planning ahead? Do you order from the pizza delivery and eat in front of the laptop or do you use it as an opportunity to take a break, to sit down with family members, to nourish your body and soul, to enjoy the taste, to smell and celebrate? Be mindful.

Just some food for thought, literally.

And now, go and enjoy your meal!

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