#project3392 : #3 — scanning

August 16th, 2016–4:18PM

My girl offered me a film scanner for Christmas 2014, I had time to play around with it several times, for some specific pictures. But now with the amount of work, and as I didn’t use it very often, I kind of forgot how to use it.

It took me 2 hours (watching youtube videos and failing on some film scan) to figure out the best workflow for my pictures. I was worried about roll films which are pretty damaged with dust and scratches BUT GUESS WHAT, after 2 years I finally discovered a built-in functionality of my film scanner.

I can do an infrared scan of the color roll films and remove the dust and scratches! Damn! I remember me spending 2 hours on photoshop after a film scan and removing all the dust and scratches by myself.

One by one.

2 hours for a picture.

I had this in mind before launching this #project3392, and I have to admit I was apprehensive of doing it for the 1200 pictures…

And of course my predictions were not good… I thought I would need 2 minutes per pictures.


I need 5 minutes per pictures.

I spent 2 hours and a half scanning my first roll film. It feels like I not moving forward but the results are way better, my pictures benefit a fresh new look I never saw before with my previous cheap film scanner. It really gives me hope about my next step.

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