Lets Talk Syncronicty.

Two friends of mine, Harold Slazer and his partner John McGowan, call synchronicity the “God Moment”. My Instagram followers call it “Sacrednicity”. Whichever way you want to call it works. The important thing here is that when you experience this occurrence, it is powerful.

I had just gotten out of the Hoboken path train onto 23rd Street in New York City when I felt this electric shock run down my spine. As a yogi, I figured it was my kundalini raising since I have been doing a ton of energy healing and meditation with New York City Trance Channeler and Coach, Diana Meunz Chen. However, this feeling went from the top down, not the bottom upward.

I disregarded the wave.

As I started to cross 23rd street towards 6th Ave, I said to myself affirmations that Roger Ansanelli recommended we do daily in his Sound Healing Meditation class I had just taken.

I love myself.
I am worthy. 
I deserve to receive abundance.

Then, the God moment came. I literally stepped on a pile of vinyl records in front of the Muhlenberg Library. There was no crew selling odds and ends there. There was only this pile of music laying in my path.

So, at this point. I really just kinda stood there in the middle of the street, standing in a ray of sunshine, staring at this pile of vinyl. Then I said:

I know why I am here. I need help so I can make it happen now.
So, I am going to need X amount of dollars by the first week of March.
I need support from those around me on all levels. 
I need creative flexibility and understanding.
I need 200 people to show up to this show (details below) and I need this show to be good — not perfect, but I need it to be damn good.
Let me live into why I am here…No, actually, I choose to live into why I am here.

I paused for a moment, then I said:

I choose to be a rockstar lightworker. Now, lets get it done.

|All in all, I learned to not ask how and to just accept that it will happen as long as I am willing to trust and listen.

To read the full story, view photos and the vinyl collection that I found, please visit my blog: https://www.alexandriatava.com/single-post/2017/02/24/Lets-Talk-about-Synchronicity