One Million Women

I am Alexandria Tava, just one white American woman, who believes that we are meant to rise up and become revolutionary. To our mothers, sisters, daughters, and more. It is now that we are the women who are here to rise up and make American history.

We One million plus women have come together all over America on this Saturday The 21st of January in the year 2017 to march in protest. Let us women unite and send a bold message to this administration on this first day of office. To all woman around the World.

We protest Donald Trump’s inauguration as our country’s 45th president. It is a disgrace to all of us woman everywhere that he has been given this position despite his horrific behavior in private and in public towards our sisters and friends. This attack on women choices, the dismantlement of Planned Parenthood and the overall rights of us woman being taken away. Leaving us with no choice. One million times, I have said out loud, “I forgive my sister, my fellow women, my fellow white women, who voted for Donald Trump.” I do forgive you.

Donald Trump is a man who has dismissed our rights as women. By his becoming our President he has made it ok for the men and boys of our country to treat women with disrespect, to go backwards instead of forwards. He continually ignores the importance of his role as the 45th president to us all as a Country.

However, I am grateful for the possibility that is Donald Trump. I am grateful for him because without Him we women, would never be in an opportunity to liberate 3000 years of oppression. To open the discussion to be more, believe we are more, to know we are more then what this President, this administration see us as. To have the fair wages and equal pay.

This is the year our nation’s women shall come together — side by side — hand in hand, arm and arm, soul to soul to authentically love the women next to us. For that alone, For this march, this moment, I am truly full of gratitude, and that is how I can forgive.

I have faith in the young women of tomorrow. I have faith that she will have a voice that not only wants to be heard, but is heard. I am a young woman who has a voice now that sees with no judgments. We deserve to be heard, respected and acknowledged for the equal human beings we are. In all ways.

You too have a choice — we all have a choice. We all have our rights to chose. stand up and show the young girl’s, women of tomorrow how to be fearless -how to be brave.

Let us be mindful. Let this be a continual unfolding process that reveals, resolves, and reinvents us. Let us take back our freedoms and release us to be the equals we have always meant to be.

No longer shall we say it’s ok to be treated the way this 45th President has treated us without apologies. We shall not be man handled and forced upon or laughed about in some locker room. This is not ok. We deserve better, we deserve better then Trump.

I am Alexandria Tava, just one white American woman who believes that we are meant to rise up and become revolutionary. To rise up and own our place next to our fellow man. To rise up and be respected. To rise up, to rise up, to rise up.

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